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Alchemy of Body and Spirit: Alchemy with crystals

Earth’s consciousness aids humanity in awakening old and forgotten healers techniques, such as using crystals useful content. These crystals that are part the mineral kingdom are universal energys. It is possible for these energies to be accessed and combined in order to heal and integrate. Each crystal is unique and can be used to help explain Earth’s history. Nature gave us crystals of all sizes and colours. Because each has a unique vibrational resonance due to its mineral compositions and frequency, they are all different.

Crystal healing can be used to help heal. It involves using gemstones or stones placed on the body or chakras. To enhance the flow of energy, you can place the same colored crystals at the chakras. To receive messages or energies, you can also meditate by placing a crystal in your hand or at the 6th Chakra or third eye. All levels of healing are possible with these crystals.

Human vibrational field energy is complex. They interact with crystals as they are electromagnetic conductors. Through resonance, crystals are known to be able activate specific energy centres. Some crystals are made up of minerals that have known therapeutic qualities. They can also be used as a medical tool. Due to their piezoelectric qualities, they are able to produce light and electricity by compressing. They can also generate sound waves. Since ancient times crystal healers and shamans knew that they could direct sound and light vibrations to create concentrated radiation for healing. The crystals may be used to restore subtle energetics or to dissolve dis-ease.

Crystals have long been a part of human culture. Over the years, crystals have helped us to understand certain parts of our bodies. Many of these links can be traced both to Eastern and Western Astrology. Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as Chinese Medicine, in India, claim that crystals heal. Today, modern medical prescriptions use formulas found in ancient texts more than 5,000 years old. The Christian Bible mentions crystals over 200 times. Crystals are also found in Egyptian and Chinese tombs. Several early civilisations were on Earth, including the Mayan Aztecs, American Indians Africans and Celtics. Quartz crystals can be used for sacred rituals.

While it’s ultimately up to the individual to heal themselves, there are many ways to aid in this process. This includes crystals. By following your intuition, it is possible to select a particular crystal. These sacred crystalline objects are meant to serve as tools for supporting our individual journeys. Crystal healing is a way to achieve divine clarity using crystal energy.