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An Account of My Experience As a Math Assignment Outsourcer

The question is: “Should someone do my math work for me?” The question always came to my mind when I read through the textbook. My math textbook was filled with complex equations. As a math homework outsourcer, my experience was surprising and has deepened my passion for mathematics, visit us!

Remember being in a maze? Like that, I did my math homework. I was unable to solve any problem. The assignment I was given made me so depressed that I had to hand it over. My decision to outsource my assignment was regrettable, but I had become overwhelmed by confusion and deadlines. This was originally intended as a temporary fix, but turned out to be more lasting.

First time I was given a job, the assignments made me think. It was not what I had expected. My understanding of the step-by=step explanations with solutions was enhanced. I felt like I was learning a language. As the sentences were slowly formed, algebra and calculus Hieroglyphs began to appear.

How has my worldview changed? Math had been a nightmare to avoid before going to bed. Outsourcing homework is like switching on the light. The creature began to look less threatening. It was scary to see a heap of clothes in the dark. After learning the underlying ‘why,’ I was able to better understand the what’. What’s the secret behind quadratic formula? Why use letters in algebra? It was easier to use numbers and puzzles than just numbers when I first learned how to do math.

The maths and learning to learn, both were part of this journey. Outsourced work teaches you something. My approach is based on the professionals. In order to understand why, I started by asking people how they came up with their answers. Instead of receiving fish as an answer, I had to teach myself how to do it. As I learned more, my strategy and knowledge expanded.

Obstacles were encountered, as with all journeys. Although the help was helpful, it was also important to stay away from becoming too reliant on it. When you are supported, it is very easy to lose the confidence that you have in your abilities. I was constantly reminded that my goal in school is to learn and not only do the homework. This required balance like learning to use a bike with no training wheels.