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Buy Now Pay Here Dealership Marketing – Sell Your Dealership not the car

The advertising of a new car is simple. Show a picture. List the price. Include the mileage. Many dealerships have vehicles just like the one you own! You need to set yourself apart. It is you who sells the dealership. You tell them what makes your business unique.

Your advertising, your first call, and your salesman at the lot should all reinforce the same idea: what makes you different from your competitors, helpful hints!

Please sit down and list all the amazing things about your dealer that set it apart. As soon as I joined the dealership I made a bullet list. This was affectionately known as “the Bullet List”. It was our slogan; all employees knew about the key bullets that defined what we were good at. It was included on EVERY advertising piece, be it print ads to business cards. Also, the bullet list has been reinforced over the phone as well as with the Salesmen.

You should consider the following when creating a bulleted listing:

Do you notify the credit bureaus about your debts?

Does your company offer a warranty free of charge?

How is your BBB rating?

Does your company offer service benefits?

Is your liability policy limited to just that?

What certifications do your vehicles have?

Have you got low down payments available?

Can you provide a service that includes a loaner vehicle or shuttle service for the customer?