Carpet Dry Cleaning VS Steam Carpet Cleaner

How do you clean your carpets, whether they are in the house, at work, in a hotel or any other place that you visit? There seems to be a lot of dirt in the air. Have you noticed that your allergies or infections are more common than those of the people around you? Do you feel that the air is damp and unclean around you? It’s very likely that your carpet will be dirty if you sense a moist and dirty atmosphere around you, continue reading.

What are our options to keep a carpet clean?

Even if you are sure that your carpet is clean, it’s likely to have stains or bacteria.

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Unclean carpets provide a breeding environment for bacteria and allergens. Also, they can lead to infections, allergies and breathing problems. Your children and your pets will be most affected. Allergic reactions spread easily, causing more infections.

Unclean carpets can cause nausea, headaches and bad odour.

It may look like the spots and stains are easy at first, but they become problematic when buried deeply in your carpet. But “stains” is not limited to stains or marks. The term “stains” is not limited to marks and spots. Unhygienic conditions are caused by these stains.

It is costly to install carpets. Hospitals and other public places can have dust problems, as well as liquid spills such a food, drink, juice, or soiled leg stains. Here are only a few challenges that we have to face.

What is carpet cleaning?

As time has passed, so too have the advances in carpet cleaning. On the market, there are a number of advanced cleaning products and tools that can be used to make carpets easier to clean.

You can choose between wet carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. IICRC research has produced clear standards.

Steam cleaning or shampooing is the preferred method of cleaning. Steam and/or cleaning shampoo are used depending on the cleaning method. The spray must be allowed to work and to adhere to the stain. For carpet cleaning, vacuum extractions are used.

Has anyone ever sat on the rotating wheels of an airport vehicle? This is a situation where wet cleaning would be applied.

Some people believe that the only way to dry carpet is by vacuuming. This partially is true. However, it’s also possible to use dry chemicals with a small amount of water to add moisture. You must allow the chemical mixture to settle for a few minutes before vacuuming. It is less expensive than wet-cleaning, but it’s also less intensive.

It doesn’t matter which method of cleaning you choose, the carpet must be dried before being cleaned.

Steam Clean Carpets

Steam carpet cleaners are the most common method used for carpet cleansing. Most people do not use dry-chemical carpet cleaners, because they’re ineffective and can cause damage to carpets.

Steam carpet cleaning is done with hot water mixed with specific chemicals. There are many steam carpet cleaners available that can make your job much easier. Others use direct hot water while others have heating mechanisms. The machine evenly distributes the mix while also removing residues or stains. The machine also absorbs both water and moisture.

Carpet Cleaning – Steam or dry?

There are pros and cons to each method.

The cost of dry cleaning carpets is lower than that of steam.

Steam cleaners are more prevalent than dry cleaners, in part because of the higher amount of moisture that steam contains. Also, the chemicals that are used can play a part. Dry chemicals can help clean your carpets, but may also be dangerous.

Steam carpeting takes longer than wet-cleaning to dry. It can take 24 hours to dry the carpet if it isn’t properly ventilated. Carpets that are dry can be used almost immediately.

Get professional help to choose the best cleaning methods

You should consider hiring professional carpet cleaners. Experts are able to determine which cleaning techniques work best for carpets. Professionals can analyze the carpet’s material, its usage pattern, the chemicals it contains, and the levels of cleaning needed.

In offices, homes and hotels as well as airports, we use both dry and wet carpet cleaning methods. Dry or wet cleaning can be used for all carpet types.