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Combi Ovens: What is a Combi Oven?

Combi ovens combine three cooking functions into one home page. They are a very useful piece of equipment. Combi-steamer, as they are sometimes called, is another name for this oven. The combi-steamer can use dry heat powered by electric or fan as well as steam.

Combi-Oven has many advantages as a catering appliance. It can roast tender joints of meat. The environment is saturated with moisture so there will not be any weight loss.

Steamed vegetables retain more of their colour and natural goodness. The delicate taste and texture of fish can be preserved using a combination-oven.

Convection fan baking is the best method to achieve an even oven temperature. Steam injections are a great way to enhance flavor and texture.

Food should not be kept warm for an extended period of time. You can easily bring pre-cooked food to the correct temperature.

Combi-Oven does more than just bake, roast, steam or dry-fry.

While it may appear that different oven flavors would make it hard to cook different meals, many kitchens are capable of cooking everything from chickens to delicate fish to desserts without flavour transfer. It is possible because most ovens come with a cleaning mode which will eliminate all residual flavors.

Combi Ovens have a wide range of oven sizes. Not only are they for big commercial kitchens. Many models are available for independent caterers. Consider the size and type of Combi-Oven that you require based on your cooking needs. Your supplier can calculate your needs for you and give the right recommendation.

Ask yourself a few questions before you make a purchase. Included are whether or not a filtration unit is needed, installation requirements, and the ease with which the appliance can be cleaned and operated.

Most expensive models come with an integrated filter, but budget models do not. They need to use an external one. Filtering the oven is crucial to keeping it operating efficiently.

Combi Ovens can be purchased in both electric and natural gas models. The ovens need 3 phase electricity and a water source.