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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

According to a five year research study, approximately 91 percent (or 93 million women) who have had a cosmetic surgery go to my site, including breast augmentations or tummy tucks, report an improvement in their self-esteem. According to this research, cosmetic plastic surgery can positively impact people’s confidence if they have the right motivation and are treated by a qualified doctor.

96 percent of those surveyed said that they were happy with the outcome of their cosmetic procedure and would go through it again, if needed. This high level of satisfaction is attributed to the more natural looking results, shorter recovery periods, and reduced pain and discomfort associated with surgery following the introduction new techniques and medical equipment. In order to perform a tummy tightening, an endoscope may be used, which allows for a smaller incision, around less than 1 inch.

A significant percentage of people have seen an increase in self-esteem. However, cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy surgery, body contouring and facelifts do not guarantee a person’s happiness. This is especially true of those with “weak’ motivations and unattainable goals.

According to an expert team in breast augmentation, a number of requests for surgery should be declined. These include patients who have a tendency to over-criticise themselves and individuals who exhibit the signs of a plastic surgeon addict. Because many people consider cosmetic surgery as a quick way to improve their appearance, these experts think that plastic surgeons must have the highest level of ethical conduct and can refuse patients who don’t meet certain emotional criteria.

Plastic surgeons say that a high level of satisfaction can be attributed by patients to their expectations. If a patient has had breast augmentation, she may realistically expect that the procedure would only increase her bosom size and not make her appear like a swimsuit model. It is more likely that the woman will be satisfied if this is her expectation.