Do you believe in the healing power stone?

People think I’m a bit odd when I start talking crystals and the healing powers of stones. Some people find me quite strange, if truth be told. I guess I am trying to convey that if you aren’t sure what stones, gemstones or crystals do, how they affect people’s health, or any other situation, you’re not the only one – extra resources.

For a brief overview, crystals can be created from minerals, high temperatures and compression, as well as volcanic activity. You may think some crystals look like rock lumps. You might feel that some of them, when polished up, are quite attractive and you would like to have jewellery made out of them. Good examples are rubies and diamonds. They are abundant and easy to obtain, while others are harder to mine or cut. These are much more valuable and highly sought after.

Things get more mysterious when it comes to crystal healing. This refers to the healing properties of certain stones like amethyst, boji, quartz and agate. Some people believe that crystals are able to have an effect on them, while others won’t. Some people may be willing to believe that crystals can have an effect on you, while others won’t. I will be honest and openly say that I don’t care what your opinion is on crystals, or whether they have healing properties or other purposes. I’m happy to tell you that you can believe anything you like, and that I have the ability to see what I feel.