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Do You prefer manual coffee machines or automatic ones? What should I choose?

If you enjoy coffee, then you already know that every cup is not the same. Coffee machines can have a different taste, even though the coffee quality is influenced by the beans. While the coffee and hot-water are the exact same ingredients, the machine and method used to make it will affect how good your coffee tastes. Here are a few of the popular methods for making coffee. Continue reading?

Use your hands for stirring. The most cost-effective way to prepare coffee is simply by adding instant coffee to hot water. Quality of coffee is however at the lower end of scale.

Coffee drips manually from a pot. A water temperature just below boiling passes the coffee through and takes approximately four or five minutes. The portable version is very popular with campers.

French Press- Also known as a coffee plunger. Pour water at a temperature just below boiling over coffee grounds in this French Press. After it has sat for several minutes, you push the plunger down slowly in a controlled way. You will get a great cup of coffee. These coffee makers are popular with “coffeeholics”, especially in the workplace.

Automatic Drip Coffeemaker is one of the most commonly found types on the marketplace today. Water is evenly heated and spread on the coffee grounds. As coffee drips, it falls into a collection below. These are usually programmable and you can set the timer to match your alarm. There are many models available, with features like brew power control settings and built-in coffee grinding. These machines can cost anywhere from $10 to $10,000.

Single-serve pod machines – They work the same as the automatic drip machine, but they eliminate the guesswork in coffee measurements. Each pod produces one cup. There is no mess to be cleaned up, as the pods are thrown in the rubbish. However, they are more expensive than drip systems.

Espresso Machines – This machine uses a piston to force water quickly through coffee. Pressure brewed espresso is a black, strong coffee with just a touch of crema or foam. Prices of espresso machines can also differ depending on features and the way they produce pressure.