Esnc. Exclusives: Rare Mens Fragrances

Esnc men’s perfumes are highly sought after in an age where exclusivity is prized. Originality and Luxury are what make Esnc fragrances mens stand out. The latest men’s limited edition perfumes are now available. They have been carefully crafted for a scent that is as unique as each wearer. Go to site.

This first scent in our range of exclusive products is a tribute for the spirit of adventure. This fragrance is a tribute to the adventurous spirit. Imagine the lushness in a rainforest in a bottle. Vibrant green notes are blended with exotic spices, and wild fruits. It’s more than just a scent; this is an adventure on your body.

Our next collection includes a scent inspired by timeless elegance. It is an homage to the old, with a twist of modernity. A blend of aged woods, rich leather, and subtle tobacco notes evokes the old world libraries of quiet sophistication. The scent is one that evokes warmth, and tells tales of olden days.

This is for those men that thrive in an urban jungle. This scent is a tribute to the city of today – it’s energy, pulse, and secrets. This fragrance is a combination of crisp urban air and the grit of city streets. Citrus notes combine with metallic accents and a base made of wood smoke to create a fragrance that is as dynamic as urban life.

Finally, we wouldn’t complete our collection without a scent that will appeal to the romantic in you. It is a poetic mix of spices and night blooms that evoke the romance and mystery of an evening rendezvous. This fragrance is both delicate and powerful. It tells of love, longing, and mystery.