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The world we live in today is a noisy, congested place. International markets can be no different.

If you take a moment and clear your head to see what the real trading instruments are, and why they work, you will often be able to get a better picture. More about the author?

It is often how I look at the market.

Hello, my name is Surrender. I’d like to invite you along with me as I explore the market. The subject of today’s video will focus on GOLD, one of the commodities most commonly traded in the Forex Market. I hope that by the end of this clip, you will understand the factors that drive this yellow metal.

There is a Wall Street old saying: “Put only 10% of your wealth in gold, and you will not see it rise.” While gold is flying, this often indicates that things are not going well elsewhere. This saying is actually about the gold physical market. Today, we will be looking at GOLD Spot Market. Although this principle could also apply to the spot markets, there are many ways that the market differs.

You can trade gold spot almost 24/7 on the foreign exchange market. You can trade gold spot on the forex market almost 24 hours a day. Unlike the physical version, which requires you to buy it from a licensed supplier or exchange. Then you must arrange for its storage and receive it. Finally you need to find a buyer and a seller.

Many market analysts say that gold is a good safe-haven.

A secure haven investment is one that will retain or increase its value in times of uncertainty.

This is why the gold market tends to look towards it when currencies or higher-risk asset groups like Indices are lacking in confidence.