For tasty BBQ Use grills

BBQ Grilling Techniques

In one of our other articles , we’ve described the difference between grilling and barbecuing grills on a BBQ grill. We recommend you go through this article to get more information about the differences, however, in essence, grilling is cooking food on an open BBQ grill with a hot temperature (i.e. about 600 F typically for short time.

If grilling is done right, it can create delicious barbecue meals very quickly. Grilling meats like lamb, beef pork, fowl, or pig produces a crispy crust that forms on the surface of the meat. This crust seals in all the flavors of the food and contributes in enhancing the overall flavor.

You will find hundreds of pages on the internet about BBQ grilling. This article will provide an overview of the basic principles of grilling.

We’ve broken this method into five fundamental steps, focusing mainly on cooking different kinds of meat.

Below are the five steps to an effective charcoal grilling

Use a wire brush to clean your BBQ grill’s cooking grate prior to you begin grilling. Most barbecue grillers do not take this step, but if you do the residues left on the grate following your last grilling session may result in unpleasant food tastes.

After you’ve cleaned the grill’s grates, it’s a great idea to grease the surface with cooking oil. This will stop your food from sticking to the grate while cooking.

Step 1 – Get Your Barbecue Grill Charcoals

Some people use wood for their BBQ grills, however the majority of users use lump charcoal or Briquettes. Whatever fuel you choose you’ll need enough to make a solid layer of hot coals that cover the surface of the charcoal grid that is at least three inches beyond the space on which you’ll place your pieces of meat. If the food you’re serving is too close to the edges of the burning coals , it’ll cook unevenly.

After you’ve measured the charcoal, there are many ways to light it. The chimney opener is the best choice. If you grill frequently and often, this is the best method. It’s fast and stable.