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Home Energy Services: Energy Efficient Measures

If you want to be at your best, an energy-efficient home or business will help you get there. It is astonishing to see how many homes and businesses are just throwing away money due to inefficient home design. You can get the best guide on PorchLight HES.

Are you going to neglect your car by failing to get it inspected or having its oil changed? No. Don’t neglect your home or business. It can be a great idea to have your home assessed by a company that specializes in energy services. These companies will inspect your home to determine the most efficient energy measures for your home.

Air infiltration through the building envelope is the leading cause of wasted energy in many homes and businesses. The building envelope covers everything that separates the building’s interior and exterior. This includes the walls, foundations, ceilings, roofs, insulation, and windows. Cracks and other openings are common causes of air loss.

The most effective, cost-effective, and fastest-returning energy-saving measures that one can put in place are sealing, weather stripping or insulating.


Your home will be free from drafts if it is sealed. You can reduce your energy consumption by sealing around pipes, sealing electrical sockets and sealing windows and doors. Air leaks can contribute to as much as 25% of your home’s heat loss and cooling costs.
Weather stripping

This can be used as a sealant to stop air leaks from your business or home. Leaks are most likely to be found around doors and windows. Before you apply weather stripping to your home, you need to find the air leaks.


The return on investment for home attic insulation is usually rapid. It is important to note that increasing the airtightness in your home or business can impact other aspects, such as Indoor Air Quality and relative humidity. In some cases, an improvement in the insulation of your attic could instantly lower your energy bill by one third.