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How can I grow mushrooms? Oyster Mushroom Culture: A Great and Easy Way to Start

China is currently the leading oyster mushroom producer in the world. However, more and more people have discovered how easy it can be to grow your own. It is rewarding to grow oyster mushrooms. The gardener only needs to perform some maintenance once the mushroom growing area is properly set up. You can see psilocybin capsules for more information.

Indoors or out, a mushroom bed can be created. To set up an oyster fungus garden, you must first select the mushrooms that will be propagated, then choose a container, or a garden site, and finally maintain them. Gardeners should choose oyster mushrooms with stem bases when they are shopping for them to propagate.

For the initial stage of oyster mushroom culture, place some wet wood shavings in a brown, damp paper bag. Mushrooms will grow from the stem’s base. Cut off the stem base, and put it into the paper bag. Place the wet paper bag inside the folded bag.

You can fold this paper bag and place it in a plastic container. Keep the container in your fridge crisper for 3 months. This is when the stem of the mushroom sprouts, and it’s ready to begin a home-grown mushroom garden.

The bedding of the mushroom garden must be ready after the flowering period has lasted three months. The substrate is what the mushrooms should grow on. Straw can be sterilized in water peroxide mixtures of 10:1. It is important to wet the straw in the solution of peroxide. Next, add some mushrooms base to a bag of plastic straw.

The bag should be filled with alternate layers of straws and mushroom bases. The bag should be dumped of any peroxide excess. Keep the bag at room temperatures. When the inside of a bag is white from the mushrooms seeds, the gardener will need to cut small x’s or holes into the bag. The hole will allow the mushroom to flower. Most mushroom gardeners will hang a bag on the wall in their kitchen to pick mushrooms as they cook.