How to Clean Parquet Floors Correctly!

The uniqueness of wooden or parquet flooring can be seen in the home. Many people love parquet floor. Keep clean floors give off a great impression and add to the character of your home. What many don’t realize is that parquet requires a lot of upkeep. Parquet flooring can be damaged by minor errors in cleaning or caring for it. Use of hard-textured cleaning cloths can leave streaks on the floor. How to maintain parquet flooring from Killara carpet cleaners to avoid reducing the amount of parquet in your house: Find out more.

Cleaning parquet floor

Tips for cleaning your home

It is important to clean parquet flooring regularly. Allowing small debris to accumulate is the most common mistake, which can damage and stain the surface. Cleaning parquet is done with a broom, soft bristled or a brush. Any liquid that is spilled should be cleaned immediately using a sponge, cloth, or soft brush.

Cleaning parquet with hotwater

You should mop parquet floors at least once a month or whenever they appear dirty. To mop wood floors, use hot water. You don’t need boiling water. Just make sure it’s warm. Remember to squeeze the fabric or sponge you’ll be using for mopping. Once you’ve cleaned the floor, make sure to completely dry it.

What to do when removing mud stains

Use a vinegar and water solution to clean mud from the parquet. Pour 1000 ml of water, you need 60 ml of vinegar. The best way to remove mud stains or any other stain that causes the parquet to look dull is to spray a mixture of vinegar and white water. The stain can be removed with a moistened mop, or cloth. Do not forget to immediately dry your wooden floors.

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