How to treat urine in cats and dogs: A guide for pet parents

They bring joy to our lives and make us laugh read more here. Their infectious energy, and cute antics, make our homes vibrant. There is a’smelly side’ to the bond between pet parents and their pets, which many coastal residents can attest to. Like the need for Upholstery cleaning in northern beaches due to the salty environment, pet urine removal is also a must for pet owners.

What makes the Urine Universe so hardy?

The urine of cats and dogs is not just a smelly liquid. This is a mixture of ammonia and hormones with bacteria and uric acids. This combination is not only pungent, but can also discolor upholstery, carpets and hardwood flooring. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be to treat.

Nature’s gift: Enzymatic cleaners

“Enzymes” is the key word for treating urine in pets. These naturally occurring protein speed up chemical reaction. Enzymatic cleaners have bacteria which produce enzymes upon contact with organic material such as urine. They literally eat the uric acids crystals to ensure not only a stain free but also odor free result. Science at its finest!

Home Hacks For The Occasional Oops

There are many useful items you can use at home before you go shopping:

Baking Soda & Wine: Use paper towels to dab the area if it is fresh. Then sprinkle baking soda and then mix equal parts vinegar and water. Let the mixture fizz for a few minutes, then clean and vacuum.
Hydrogen Peroxide – Mix with a small amount of dish soap. After testing in a discreet place, apply the product to the stain. Wait, then blot it out.
Steam It Off!

Steam cleaning can do more than remove dirt. It is effective in neutralizing odors and deeply seated stains. Consider it the same as the upholstery cleaning Northern Beaches locals swear by to keep interiors fresh.

A Proactive Approach to Paws

Consider creating a designated “pee zone” in the yard. Praise and rewards when they do things right can work wonders.
Regular vet visits: Often, accidents that occur frequently can be an indication of health issues.
Waterproof Throws – Ideal for sofas, beds and other large furniture. They’re easy to clean and can reduce cleaning time.

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