Make Your Own Guitar Wall Mounts

You want a safe and stylish place to hang your guitars. Although you may have considered buying a wall hanging guitar at a guitar shop our site, you ended up leaving empty-handed after seeing the price for only one unit. Most likely you thought it would just be easier to build your own guitar wall mounting. It’s not hard to make one, and it costs a fraction of what you would spend at a musical instrument shop.

Before you can begin your project, you’ll need some things. You’ll need rubber-coated tool hooks, 1 inch of wood, an electric drill and a wall finder. You might also wish to purchase a small bottle of paint to color your guitar wall mounting. Once you have all the materials, it is time for you to begin building your guitar hanger.

Once your wood has been cut to the appropriate length and you have painted it the desired colour, the next step will be to mark the location where you want your tool-hangers to go. Once you have marked your locations, you can find a drillbit that is smaller that the thread on the tool hooker. After installing your tool hooks, you can now decide where you want your guitar wall mount. Find the studs and mark the locations on your wall. Next, you will use your drill to drill through the wood as well as the wall to reach the stud. For guitar hangers with multiple studs, it may be necessary to drill into multiple of the studs. Once your guitar hanger is mounted to the wall it is time to enjoy your work.