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Paying someone to do your homework is like baking only sugar in a cake. It’s not the same as outsourcing education

Let’s talk about a subject that’s hotter than an ajillo on a sunny summer day: pay someone to do my homework. Yep, you heard me right. Instead of a tasty cheesy pizza, you’ll get an essay on Shakespeare, or the Pythagorean theory. Sounds good? Maybe. But let’s think about it together.

First, let’s talk about the ethics – or lack thereof – of this entire operation. Imagine telling grandma you’ve paid someone to solve x for you online instead of sweating through your algebra. Grandma may not be pleased. Why? Why?

What do you really get for your money when you buy someone else’s brainpower? Quality can be as unpredictable and erratic as Aunt Marge’s mood changes, which is saying a lot. You may strike gold with an A+. Or you might end up writing something that appears to have been written by a distracted squirrel.

Oh boy, what if it all goes wrong? Let’s imagine that your teacher notices (which is likely to happen because teachers are able to detect anything suspicious). It’s not a simple “slap on wrist”; there are major consequences. Imagine being grounded until after the next solar eclipse. Or worse, facing academic penalties.

Why even is it a thing? Well, sometimes it feels like schools expect us to be superhumans–juggling five essays, three projects, and studying for exams all at once while also remembering to breathe. Some people are tempted to take the easy road.

Imagine yourself tackling that monster math problem by yourself or writing an essay based on your original thoughts. This feeling of triumph? What’s better than discovering extra fries in the bottom of your takeout?

It’s time to admit that education isn’t all about grades. It’s also about gaining knowledge nuggets, and tackling challenges with confidence.

Remember that earning your grade by yourself is more satisfying than hiring someone to do it for you. Plus, your parents won’t be able to understand any credit card charges you made (because “I ordered 10 pages about World War II” seems like an odd shopping spree).

Short answer: Do your homework. Coffee (or an energy drink, if that is more your style), or both are available to make it fun. What about when you’ve finally graduated? When you graduate, you will know that you accomplished it all on your own.

Take a nap before you start. I won’t judge. You can also take a nap before you pay for someone to do homework. I am not judging. To wrap up this chinwag, (remember: no fancy conclusions), paying someone to do homework is like choosing whether pineapples go on pizza or what socks are appropriate with sandals. (hint – none). You should always remember that each choice comes with a cost, not just in dollars. It also includes the missed opportunities for learning and lessons.

Take five deep breaths the next time panic strikes at 2 am, make another pot of decaf coffee or switch to it, and face that beast. You may be surprised with what you are able to accomplish. Smack dab in front of the memories that are just waiting to happen.