Securing Peace of mind: the Facility Manager’s guide to anti – Ligature locks

Imagine that you are in charge of a building where the health and safety of your residents is a priority full report. Your locks can help save lives. They do more than keep your facility secure. Anti ligature hardware parts play an important role in the details. Anti-ligature locks are more than just a security measure. They’re a cornerstone for any care strategy.

Let’s talk about what makes an anti-ligature lock. As if you were choosing a guardian of your door, it’s important to choose something sturdy, reliable, with no protruding components that could have been used in an attempt at self-harm. Your lock should have a smooth, jazzy sound. There shouldn’t even be any parts to which someone could tie something.

Consider yourself a chessplayer as you browse the locks market. You’ll need to have a plan. The first step is to choose the right materials. Stainless steel? It’s not only stylish; it’s also strong. It’s durable, and it can take the daily abuse, as well a harsh cleaning product that is often used in high risk environments.

Next, you should consider the lock design. You want to have a lock more intuitive to operate than a phone, so that it’s easy for the staff to do but confusing to anyone trying to tamper with it. Imagine a ligature-free lock that can be opened by turning or pushing it.

Remember compliance. There’s an alphabet soup of codes and standards. It’s important to have a good working relationship with ADA codes, BHMA codes, and local codes. To make sure that your choice meets these requirements, you need to align with a commitment for safety and accessibility.

Also, there is the issue of control over keys. The high-security key design is patented, so you won’t see copies in a supermarket. Key control works like the guest list at an after party — only people you trust can get in.

But let’s also not neglect aesthetics. Even though a lock’s purpose is to ensure safety, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should look like it belongs on a fortress. Modern anti-ligature locking systems are designed in a way that they blend in seamlessly with the design of your building while still putting safety first.