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The Top Samsonite Luggage Pieces You Need in 2023

Samsonite boasts a history of over one hundred years, starting in 1910, the year Jesse Shwayder created luggage to be used by travellers. Samsonite became the number one global luggage brand since 1910. Samsonite luggage is synonymous today with everything from suitcases to laptop bags to cabin trolleys. Samson’s strength is the story behind its brand name. Samson travel bags are durable, tough and sturdy. Samsonite cases are known to be of Herculean quality and have a long life span. It is a must-have for all business and leisure travelers. On you can learn more.

Samsonite helped travelers keep their belongings secure even in the worst travel conditions. Samsonite luggage has been tested by thousands of satisfied and happy customers, regardless of whether it is Samsonite travel cases, Samsonite case business cases or Samsonite holiday cases. Samsonite’s brand is synonymous with strength, ruggedness and style.

In the coming years, the mobility of the entire world will likely increase. Samsonite was close to the customer and predicted today’s and future travel needs. They helped shape a constantly changing world. There is a Samsonite solution for everyone’s travel needs. It can be used for any trip, no matter the location or weather. Samsonite travel luggage has a large selection of different bags, because each kind of journey is unique.

Samsonite’s extensive range is available at both Global Luggage and This vast selection of luggage ensures that travellers will have everything they need for their trip. Samsonite realized that the different types of trips require luggage with different features. Therefore, they have developed a range of Samsonite cases based upon customer type and usage. The range includes briefcases for business traveller, laptop cases for travel enthusiasts, as well as travel bags such garment bags, duffels, backpacks, beauty bags and attachment cases.

As a result, it has earned a solid reputation of being amongst the strongest luggage. It also has a great look with its modern styling, contoured smooth looks and bright colors. Samsonite luggage will not only keep your things safe, but complement you and your look as your walk through airports. Details, such as the double stitching of soft luggage, reinforced edges, self-healing zippers, integrated grips, intelligent pockets and compartments, TSA lock, light spinners adds to ease of use and overall satisfaction. All Samsonite bags are designed to give busy travellers peace of mind. They have endured the harshest testing over many years and offer quality products.