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There are many types of websites that make money

It is possible to earn money through money-making websites. You can set up your very own business online, your milking cattle without needing to invest a large amount of money in manufacturing or building a brand. While you are required to do work in establishing your reputation, brand awareness and recall is not needed for any specific service or product. It is enough to be affiliated with several companies or brands. You may think it sounds easy, but you must know some basic things, including how to analyze and focus on a narrow niche.

Many different money-making websites are available on the Internet. Do not be fooled into paying money to a vague project. Many companies offer affiliate programs which allow you to create a website free of charge.

Merchant Websites

As an affiliate marketer, you could be a retailer, advertiser, etc. Vendor websites and merchant websites are focused on the latter aspect. To start an affiliate marketing campaign, it is important to reach out to various brands that sell a specific product, like water sports equipment. Ask if there is an affiliate program in place. The competition can make this work in your favor, especially if the niche is well established.

Comparison Shopping Websites

You can also create websites that compare shopping. Here, you have the option of being a business director or comparison shopping site. A website can be created where potential customers can easily compare price and features. These online business directories serve a similar purpose. The people in search of certain products or services will browse these directories. Some companies pay to appear in the directory, while others will reward you for directing people to their site.

Niche Market Websites

They are a more advanced version of comparison websites. This website has information such as prices, features and reviews of products in niche markets. It also includes feedback from customers who used these products. As with comparison websites, you will be paid if you direct potential customers to the website of your affiliate.


They are relatively easy to setup. These websites are written casually or in journal format. They can include anything from personal anecdotes, to reviews of products and services to opinions on politics. As an example, if your company is a producer of modern furniture you may want to create a theme-based blog. You can blog more easily if have a specific interest or niche knowledge. You might as well like to eat if your blog is about food.