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Three Types Of Blog Posts that Increase Participation

An online blogger who has a very good blog but receives little attention is in a bad position. This is because you may be aware that people visit your blog. You may be able to see that your posts are popular with them. Sometimes they aren’t able to comment as often or as frequently as you would like. This type situation is easily solved. You can change the posts on your blog. You can encourage participation by using certain post types. This is much easier than what you might think. I will be introducing you to, or reminding you of, three types if blog posts you should absolutely have in you repertoire. You are now ready to think of for your blog post.

The question posting is the easiest and most obvious. This is exactly what it sounds. The idea is to simply post a few questions that people can answer. People will be able to answer the question in different ways. Your blog should contain question posts.

The rant blog post is the next type of post that you should be using on your blog. This is where your ranting and raves about something you’re not happy with. This creates controversy in your blog. People will either agree or disagree when they read this. Either way, they will respond with comments. That is what you are after.

The third type is the guest blog post. This is where a guest author writes the post. This is because you are inviting the third party to your blog. They therefore have an interest in seeing it succeed. You can immediately comment on the article in a manner that will result in several comments, some from your guest blogger. These people will often promote the post for you, which is a quick way to increase traffic.