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Top 5 Tips to Find Great Ideas for Blog Posts

It’s a great idea to start a blog for enjoyment or to make money. Many people decide to create a blog in their particular area. It is surprising that many people get into it without much thought about the concept or the content. Before you begin your blog, I challenge you to write at least 50 ideas for posts, and no less than ten of them. You are now ready to think of kitty corner cat furniture  for your blog post.

Why should you consider 50?

This activity is great for many reasons.

This is. It’s your make or break test. Are you thinking of starting a blog about a particular topic? If you can’t think of at least 50 topics, either you don’t want to write about it or you have chosen a narrow topic. It takes about a year for most blogs to get started. If you don’t have at least 50 ideas, you will likely struggle to get started in 6 months. Are you writing a blog article for traffic? Or are you simply inspired to write

Next. One of the most important aspects in starting a blog that will be successful is to create ‘epic content. You will be remembered by people who read your amazing and informative content. It is possible to identify the most amazing topics by listing 50.

Third If epic content is what is most important, then being consistent in your blogging is a great second priority. A blog with nothing new every week/month is not something that people will visit. People view blogs as authoritative and more interesting when they are regularly updated. If you want to leave a lasting impression on visitors and keep them coming back, you should be updating your blog at least 2-3 times per week. Your blog will look more organized and longer-term if you already have a list of topics and can suggest posts on future topics.

What do you think 50 is?

Have I convinced you to make a list of topics? Awesome. This is the right time to start looking at where you can get the best ideas. These are the top ideas to help you build your list.

  1. Google Keyword research is the best place to start. It is important that you know the keywords you want to target in your blog. You can find related keywords by using keyword research tools. This is a great way to find out what your target audience would like to know. You might consider writing a blog on Young Adult Fiction. Google will display the results for related terms to ‘Twilight Meyers’ once you have searched it. Blog post? Yes, I believe so.
  2. This tip is from Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income. I would love to claim it as my own, but my academic self is screaming plagiarism. Try searching your keyword on Amazon or Google Books. The search results will display a list of books that are related to your topic. You can also use the preview function to take a look at their contents page. Bam! There are many topics you could write about.
  3. A great tip I have is to split your posts into different types according to your local area. If you plan to post three times per week, you might consider having Information Monday, How To Wednesday, and Review Friday. You can then think of 20 ideas for each of these. A blog about house building might include information posts on various types of architecture, how-tos for many renovation projects, as well as a review of the best tools in the trade. It will be easier to brainstorm topics and decide what topic to write.
  4. Similar to my last tip, I recommend that information posts be divided into series. Your posts shouldn’t be too long but still provide enough information to make people feel that you are knowledgeable about the topic. A series of posts on a topic every Monday can help you keep it short and to the point. Take, for example, a post about barefoot running. You could create at least three quality posts linking to each other with this idea. One could be about the history and importance of barefoot running, as well as the major techniques that you should know in order to run efficiently. Another post could focus on the different types of minimalist and barefoot shoes. You could do at least three posts on one idea.
  5. This tip was very helpful. Join Forums. Find out what your target audience is interested in and go to forums. Forums are a great place to find post ideas because your audience is literally saying, “I want a post on this.” People ask me a lot of questions that I find surprising. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer and they don’t. You can also go back to the forum to answer their questions and add a link to your full blog post after you have written it. They will be more inclined to return to your blog if they can relate to you. will ensure that you have plenty of ideas for blog posts. You can also grab a keyword from the list and create a post about it if you don’t have any ideas.