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Upholstery Cleaning – Protect your furniture with our Specialized Options

Your furniture is an extension to your home and reflects your tastes our website. It is not just a bunch of cushions or cloth. However, regular abuse and use can degrade your furniture, leaving it damaged and smelling bad. Fortunately, carpet cleaners in Sydney can restore your furniture’s former glory. By choosing one of the specialized deodorizer and protector options, you can extend how long your furniture looks and smells great.

By using our protectorant, you can prevent stains from getting into the fabric. By protecting your furniture against normal wear, you can maintain its appearance and extend its life. This protectant is sprayed on during the cleaning procedure to ensure optimal effectiveness. It can be used safely on a variety of upholstery fabrics including leather, velvet and microfiber.

We offer a deodorizer that is specially formulated and our Protectant to help eliminate bad smells from your furniture. Upholstery can smell less-than-fresh if odors are trapped by pet hair or dander, or through regular use. Our deodorizer option disarms the molecules that are responsible for the smell to restore your furniture’s inviting and fresh scent.

What exactly is upholstery cleaning and how does it maintain the look and smell of your furniture? Carpet Cleaning Sydney uses a combination of hot water extraction along with cleaning chemicals that are designed to remove dirt, debris and stains. This process not only helps restore the appearance of furniture, but also improves general hygiene as it eliminates bacteria and allergies.

You should know that regular upholstery cleaning can help extend the life span of your furniture. This will save you money in the future by not having to buy new furniture. Schedule regular cleanings to ensure your furniture looks and smells great for years.
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