Utah Drug Rehab

Women’s substance abuse treatment in Utah believes in combining its own expertise with the most up to date drug abuse treatment. We work with clients not only on their continued abstinence, but also any mental issues, such as depression or anxiety. The plans we offer provide the safest place for clients to live while undergoing treatment and other programs.

Treatment programs are also characterized by transitional programming. Multiple levels of care that successfully change to less-intensity treatments are among the key components for long-term sobriety, according to research. New Roads allows treatment center clients to change the consistency and level of therapy they receive as they progress from Residential Treatment into Transition. It allows individuals to both work on their treatment in the program and also experience real-life scenarios with the help of staff members as well as peers who are healthy. It is important to move clients to sober housing because it encourages them to seek help in times of crisis instead of abusing drugs and alcohol. The transitional housing offers an environment that is safe, family-like and more like real life than residential treatment facilities.

Transition allows people to transition more comfortably and slowly into normal living in a safe and supportive environment. They will be less dependent on program support as they return to the workplace and live in group housing. Transitional clients are more likely to be successful in their program due to increased self-reliance and responsibility. They also tend not have as many relapses. Our transitional treatment programs are also more affordable than residential care, so clients can focus on a life of sobriety, not debt.