What is the process behind Combi ovens work?

A combi oven is often referred to as an oven that is a combination. It is used to cook a range of cooking tasks , including baking, steaming , and roasting. These ovens may use dry and damp heat to cook food since they have the features of a convection oven and a steam oven. They are, therefore, the ideal option for chefs and home cooks who desire the convenience to prepare a wide variety of meals within a single appliance – more about the author.

The principle mechanism in a combi oven is movement of hot air around the food, which cooks it rapidly and uniformly using a combination of heating elements as well as fans. Convection cooking is similar as traditional ovens. But combi ovens also contain a built-in steam generator, which can produce steam when needed, allowing the cooking of food with warm, moist heat. Cooking delicate or soft items like fish, vegetables and even fruits with this method is called steaming.

Combo ovens are speedy and efficient in cooking food, which is why they are commonly employed in commercial kitchens like restaurants and hotels. They are able to heat or maintain food at a specific temperature so that food is prepared for consumption. Chefs can cook a range of meals, from roast meats to steamed vegetables, all in one oven due to the ability to cook with both dry heat as well as moist heat.

Cooks at home can benefit from many of the same benefits by using combi ovens. They are able to prepare many different meals such as baked goods and roasted meats, in addition to cooking food efficiently and evenly. In addition to being a healthier option to frying, they can also be employed to steam vegetables as well as seafood.