What should the Church Website do?

This guide will help you choose the right church website builder. We understand if you are overwhelmed by the number of options for church websites. We will tell you that we love Church Helper. This website builder taps into our ministry expertise to make your website fit the needs of your church, continue reading?

Your church website’s purpose is to give people the information they need about your church. Your website visitors are likely to be divided into two groups: people who attend your church regularly and those who are new visitors or prospective visitors looking for information about your church.

Even if regular church attendees are connected, your website is likely to be the first stop for new visitors. Your website’s primary target audience is likely to be new visitors.

It is worth taking the time to think about potential customers’ needs and what your website should accomplish to meet those needs. Although your homepage should be user-friendly, it may prove difficult to communicate with existing visitors. This is yet another important purpose of your website.

Although you can often get around this issue by using clear labels and tabs on your website, some website builders allow you to add a “members-only” section to your website that requires users sign in to view private information such as prayer requests or church directories. This feature may appeal to you. Make sure you check the fees and whether sub-domains are available from the site builder.