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Roof Scams to avoid

As spring storms approach, your home’s roof may be left looking worse for wear. Not only do storms cause destruction, they can also attract scammers who want to exploit homeowners. You can avoid a roof scam if your Conyers roof needs repairs. Continue reading?

Don’t Hire Door-to-Door Roofers

Reputable roofers do not visit every house after a hurricane to look for new work. Why is that? Simple answer. The answer is quite simple. You should always be wary of anyone who approaches you to offer roof repair. If you want to know more, take the contact details and promise that you’ll get in touch with them. A person who presses you to decide on the spot doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

Never pay the full amount for an incomplete job

One of the tricks scammers use is offering an offer that’s too good to believe. But what’s the catch? For that price, you must pay up-front for all repairs. It’s likely that, if this is the offer you take, your roofer won’t return to you after he takes the money.

If you are hiring a company to do your roofing, always remember the rule of threes. Standard in the roofer industry is a three-payment schedule. A reputable roofing company will ask a smaller payment to be used as the initial down payment. The second payment is due at half way through the work and the last payment when the project has been completed. For smaller businesses, homeowners may have to pay the material costs upfront, as well as the final labor cost.

Never Pay with Cash

Recall that seemingly too good-to-be true offer? You might have been surprised to learn that it was not a full payment requirement. Perhaps it was cash only. If the project is not started, or completed on time, paying in cash will not give you any security. You might want to pay with a credit card or a cheque instead. You can dispute either of these options if you are unhappy with the outcome or your relationship.

Take your time when making a choice

Homeowners are often in a hurry after a bad storm to have their roof repaired. It is not worth it to rush into making a decision. In the end, you could find yourself paying more money in the future. Most roofing scams consist of individuals convincing homeowners that they require a completely new roof. However, all the homeowner needs is some patching work, a couple shingles replacing, or flashing installed. Sometimes, people have been led to believe that their roofs needed replacing when they didn’t.