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Numerous Storage Services

Brilliant Storage Limited has a range of modern and secure storage facilities that include both warehouses as wells as lockups. Large units designed for storage of stock and small units built for seasonal products are two different types. Benefits and cons of most common options are listed – visit us!

The people use storage to keep various things. In response, storage options have evolved to include everything from units indoors for student and home storage to climate controlled storage that is commonly used by businesses.

Be sure to research the options for storage before you choose a location.

Commercial storage

Storage of goods, inventories, and equipment in self storage facilities is safe, cost-effective, and convenient for all businesses, no matter how large or small. Self-storage facilities are usually large and commercially sized, with units easily accessible. They’re also well-maintained and open 24/7.

Private storage

Storage facilities offer a variety of options for personal storage. A storage unit can be rented to house furniture or other household items while you move, remodel, or organize.

The storage of students

Self-storage facilities are a great option for many students who need to protect their belongings when they go on long vacations or end the academic year. There are many storage facilities that offer student-friendly, affordable lock-up-and go apartments.

Car storage

Stores are used to store vehicles by auto owners or businesses who have large fleets. These storage facilities work well for all-terrain cars, caravans, boats, and extra vehicles. They are protected from British weather, theft, and vandalism.

Outdoor storage

The term outdoor storage refers to large, open-air warehouses and containers located directly on the premises of the facility. They are accessible from outside. The drive-up option is ideal if you need to store heavy machinery, or stock large enough for pallets.