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Are You Not Happy With Your Exterior Paint Results?

Exterior painting can make your home more inviting and interesting. Before you begin, prepare your home for the best results. This article will share some preparation tips that can help you achieve the best results. More hints?

Exterior wall wash

First, wash your exterior walls thoroughly and clean them of all stains and dirt. As the wall becomes exposed to sunlight, air and smoke over time, it builds up. It also prevents the paint from adhering to the surface. It also causes the paint to peel off quickly.

Remove stubborn stains with a pressure washer that has a minimum of 2500 PSI. Mold or mildew is a problem that you will have to address. Use a chemical beach solution to kill mold on the outside of your home.

Peeling paint and faded old paint

Remove all peeling and loose paint on the outside of your home. Remove peeling old paint as soon as you see it. Otherwise, the paint will not look smooth and may even peel prematurely.

Remove any cracked or loose old paint with high grade sandpaper. To get a smooth, even finish coating you must remove all the old layers of paint. If you’re not confident in your ability to paint the house yourself, hire a professional company.

Repair cracks.

You may discover small cracks or holes on the outside of your house after scraping the old paint. To improve the appearance of your surface, fill all cracks using a caulk that is water-proof. Allow the caulk to dry before starting the painting project.

Protect the items you wish to paint.

You should cover everything outside, including the light fixtures, door handles, and plants. To protect the exterior items from paint spills or overspray. This will make cleaning up much easier and reduce the amount of time you spend.

You are now ready to begin your project. Professional house painters will usually do the above preparation because it produces a quality residential painting project.